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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Who Are We? The Programmer

I can't say how lucky we are to have gotten Matt to work on this project with us. The guy is probably about as talented and hard-working as you're every going to find on the internet. So far, he's given us the best tool I could have hoped for to build the game and he's constantly working on improvements and updates.

Meet Matt Jolly!

Name: Matthew Jolly
Location: Virginia, United States
Age: 23

First game: Earliest game I can remember playing is probably Super Mario Bros., but the one that stands out most to me is Road Rash for the SEGA Genesis. I played that game for hours with my dad.

Also, I learned not to ever search for "Road Rash"
Favorite game: Savage: The Battle for Newerth. Though I had already been programming for a few years prior, modding Savage's source code is what caused me to really look at programming as a career, and kindled my passion for creating games. It was also the most fun I think I've ever had playing a game, as well as my first real foray into online gaming in general.

Thoughts on Sprout: I love the idea behind Sprout, especially the direction we've taken with it. The blend of Murilo's art and John's music creates a fantastic atmosphere, and the design Tom has for the levels and puzzles will definitely make for an engaging and fun game. I'm excited to work on this project and can't wait to see how it has evolved upon completion.

Favorite Indie Game: Arguably this would also be Savage, as they were considered Indie at the time--but they had a decent amount of financial backing. To pick a more "indie" indie game, I'd probably have to choose Mount & Blade. That is a very fun game, and the initial development team consisted of one man and his wife!