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Saturday, March 16, 2013

What's to Come

To say the last month was busy would be a massive understatement. On top of the game, our lives, and our drama, we had some fairly monumental decisions to make in terms of progress. Things were rapidly getting away from us. The feature-creep was beginning, albeit in a way we had always intended.

Where I had originally set out to make one level of a game in six months, I suddenly found myself pushing for an entire game within 8 months. The demands of that kind of plan were ridiculous, especially when we all have lives.

So after some hard pondering and some time sitting down in my thinking chair to think, think, thi-i-i-i-nk (this is a Blue's Clues reference, there is no reason I should expect anyone to get it), I decided to go back to the roots. In a game like Sprout, puns like that are unavoidable.
Puns just keep sprouting up everywhere!
So we're focusing on Level 1 again. That leads us away from future troubles like melting snow, lighting masks, and tons and tons of extra artwork.

Focusing on Level 1 will lay the foundations of game building that will ultimately make expanding the thing much, much easier in the future. We also might find ourselves penniless and tuckered out by the end of all this, so finishing the first Level 1 might serve as a useful tool for attracting investors or drawing out our own reserves of motivation.

In any case, here's everything, in no particular order) we still need just to finish level 1:

  1. More trees
  2. More buildings
  3. 2 Specific foreground obstructions
  4. Seeds
  5. Monster with animations
  6. Jump and double jump animations
  7. Water with animations
  8. Water overfill code
  9. Wind
  10. Glide
  11. Vines
  12. Particles
  13. Butterflies/insects
  14. Music
  15. Sound effects
  16. Death zones and animations
  17. Climbing
None of these will be easy. Every word of praise and encouragement you send our way helps more than I can explain.