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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Too Many Games and Sprout's Tale

Those of you who follow along know that T-MODE was a great learning experience for me. Now that I'm gearing up for my second show, I feel much better prepared. This convention is quite a bit larger and with a focus solely on gaming, it'll be a much better fit for us.

With that said, here again comes all the brainstorming. I still have tons of pouches, so that's one less thing to worry about, but I need some way to decorate my table properly and make it attractive. Lots of people have suggested bringing in plants, but that means getting dirt all over my car and also having to be responsible for another living thing, which is probably going to end in tragedy.

So I do have some ideas about basically well cut pictures on poster board being propped up somehow, but it's all very vague.

Sprout's in Sweden! Twitter  @reo_swe
Meanwhile, reports keep coming in of our distant fans receiving their little Sprout packs in the mail! It was kind of a pain putting them all together (I have to use scissors, and as a person suffering from chronic left-handedness, that can be a real challenge!), but it feels absolutely great to see the pictures of them after their arrival. The one on the right went all the way to Sweden! Wow!

I wish there was more stuff I could put in there, but unfortunately I'm still just too darn poor! In the meantime, if you do decide that you want one, just email I will ship to just about anywhere.

Also! Perhaps even more exciting. Fan art! Wow! Thanks to Twitter's @laconiclelex for the 3d and @fight691 for the beautiful, BEAUTIFUL 2d.


So, til next time. Don't forget, tell your friends. And tell them to tell their frends. We need your support!! Thanks everyone!