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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The news, the noose

What a dramatic title this week! I admit, 50% of that title is just the fact that I realized noose and news sound sort of the same. This post actually will have nothing to do with literal nooses.

Figurative nooses, on the other hand, is a different story. Things have been really tight for us lately, with day-jobs for Matt, Murilo, and me completely taking over our lives. Long hours with little rest and then we get home and each try to force things forward on our front.

Because of that situation, we went through a long period with relatively little gain and what I would say had to be the slowest period of Sprout development since day 1. Suddenly our switch to Unity seemed bleak. I continued developing when the hours allowed it, but mostly I found myself falling asleep at my desk.

Reluctantly, then, I started to consider the most logical next step. Bringing on a fourth member. A fourth full-time member with a lot of experience in Unity. It was a tough choice for various reasons, but ultimately I think I made the right decision when I accepted and was honored by Ashley Ross' (Rossy) offer to help us.

Rossy not only has a lot of Unity experience, but he has a full game under his belt- a side-scroller built with the Unity engine called Dot.Stop.Run. Though it's still in Beta (only four levels so far) you can find the game on Desura and Google Play. Here's the trailer:

Sneak peak gameplay video - Desura

So Rossy's been with us for about a week now and already we're seeing massive progress in organization and coding. He actually reorganized our entire Drive, something I had seriously been starting to think about beginning to plan on doing eventually.

We've also got grass growth in now and trees will come shortly. We're only a few steps away from getting back to what we are now calling the "prototype" version built on XNA. It's nice to start feeling the buzz and energy again.

It looks like we're back on track.