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Monday, August 5, 2013

Trademarking Issues Prevent a Proper Title Here!


If you don't want to read, please skip to the bottom to chime in about your choice of Sprout's new name! 
Thank you!

We got some bad news today. A few months ago, I went through a trademark application service to register Sprout and Sprout the Game to safeguard myself from the law's hungry gavel. Less poetically, I didn't want to get sued.

At registration day, I did my searches through the various categories to ensure that I wasn't wasting my time (and more importantly, my money) registering a name that was already taken. On hitting "Confirm", I felt secure in knowing I had done my research and the name Sprout belonged to Decade Design.

My security was imagined, it seems. My research worthless. Somehow the truth escaped me. "Sprout" it seems, has already been taken. Now the months and months of brand building, SEO, and back-linking need to be completely redone. I'll also have to change the URL and name of the blog and register a new domain name (more money). I may even have to pay another sum of money to get the new name in the trademark process. 

It also means having to make a substantial change the logo or completely redoing it. Poor Murilo. 

I won't continue boring you with my sob story, but I will try to get you in on the new plan. Obviously, we need a new name. But we need one that isn't a total departure from our already existing one. So basically, it needs to still in the word Sprout. So me and St!ka and a couple of the others have been racking our brains to try to come up with some good ones. We'd be honored and thankful and humbled and indebted and grateful and every other word like those if you'll help us choose the right new name by either commenting and saying which you like best or by suggesting your own ideas.

Please, please comment with your choice!
  • Sprout the Voyage
  • Sprout the Journey
  • Sprout's Tale
  • Sprout's Passage
  • Sprout a Path
  • Sprout Forward
  • Sprout Roots
  • Eternal Sprout