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Friday, December 13, 2013

Fire, Light, Wind. Enemy.

Let's start with what I think is the coolest looking thing to come out this week, which is our fully animated and textured enemy. Murilo's been kind enough to put together a lovely looping gif of the chase animation that should be able to outright scare a player when seen in game.

Sprout's Tale enemy slo-mo version of chase.
So these guys walk around and run patrols like any proper side scrolling enemy might, but once within sight of the player, they snap into this run motion and will kill poor Sprout on contact.

The next thing is just a couple of little previews of some of the lighting changes you'll see throughout the game. So first is the set up of what are basically maze puzzles. Pitch black caves where the only light sources come from enemies that are constantly on fire. Though deadly, the enemies can be used to guide the way through the level.

Important to note about the above video. The circles are placeholders and we'll have real cave terrain soon as well. Also, the enemies will visibly be on fire.

The next shows a kind of pseudo dusk lighting where we can an aesthetic a little bit like Limbo. This will be used sparingly but, in my humble opinion, appropriately.

Sprout's Tale at night.
We've almost got enough to start putting things together to go public. Unfortunately, it's Murilo now who is probably going to be feeling the most strain as the art is a big load. In any case, bear with us.

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