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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


The title about sums up the last two weeks nicely. Chaos, that's what it feels like. We've been trying to really make a push to get a playable and pretty test out into people's hands, but everytime I think we're wrapping up we run into a brand new set of problems. It's starting to take its toll.

Last week I came down with some kind of bug that made it basically impossible to sit down at my computer and focus for long enough to do any complex problem solving (or even write a proper news post). But I'm back at it now and feeling mostly recovered, so let's see how this goes.

Since some time last week, we've been trying to deal with some major enemy issues. Namely, they've all decided to spin around and start walking on their butts. If I thought it was bad when they were just moonwalking, this is positively awful. What's worse, I actually had an idea what was causing the moonwalking. This is just baffling.

"walking" on its butt
So at some point, the rig just up and decided it's going to be a human, which sent the bones flying all over the place. But since I'm so inexperienced with this situation/function in Unity, I'm not sure how to fix it. As I write this, Murilo and Mihai and I are in a "meeting" (a group Gchat where we occasionally switch to hangouts for screensharing) to try to figure out what's happening. Due to the three of us being in wildly different timezones, these meetings can be a tricky thing to schedule, but they can be very useful. 

This shows *something* like what the enemy's should
look like.
Also this week, I worked on updating the tree to a larger size. I'm not sure how I didn't notice it before, but it looked incredibly dweeby before being only barely twice the size of the protagonist. Now It's got a much greater height. With the expansion of the tree, however, I also had to make the entire level a bit larger, which made me pretty nervous. 

But! After some testing, I found that I really really much preferred this more opening, fast moving environment to the contained obstacles of the more compact level. I think this comes back to the problem of being too close to the work, not being able to see when something is bothering you.

the BG is NOT permanent!
We're pretty close to finished. I've got a couple of things still making me nervous at this stage, mainly about the level length. I can beat this sucker in ten minutes now, easy. That's not a good thing. But what about first timers? I'm tempted to add in the wind level, which is shaping up pretty nicely, but I'd like to avoid doing that for a demo. Not good to give em everything all at once, ya know?

Not that it would be everything, not at all, but maybe too much.


Also, don't forget to help us spread the word! We're so close to going to true public! So close!