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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Developing test levels

The past few weeks have been pretty crazy, but we've found time for Sprout in the little corners of time between sleep and all our other responsibilities. Well, I've been working at putting together some later levels and testing them to make sure all our features work. We're very nearly at a place where we could make the entire game with the code we have finished. Whenever we run into problems, Miahi is always quick to work it out and fix it.

If we did have to end up making the whole game with what was there now, I think it would be missing a lot of its charm, but it would be playable and fun, at least. In any case, the demo's looking very good. It's fun.

Also, the video I promised last week is ready to go, but I need to rerecord the audio on it because I was getting some weird background noises when I did it initially.

Frankly, I'm too tired to do it now! Tomorrow, probably!