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Monday, August 25, 2014

Caves and things

We continue to push forward. We've got three short levels just about playable. There's still quite a few bugs- player falling through ground, trees growing through player, player stuck behind trees, etc. But we are working on them. And man, Mihai works unbelievably fast. We've got an update on our cave assets, which you can see in the brief, very brief, gif below. The purpose of this gif is to show the new mouse cursor, which was suggested by St1kaAnnie H, and Luke Norman. They all suggested trying a leaf as the mouse cursor.

I think the below isn't perfect, but Murilo made us a whole bunch of variations of a mouse cursor to try. Check a few out. The first shows how the mouse cursor will be used to guide the fairy around, which is especially useful in dark caves!

Also this week, we changed the camera settings so that vertical motion of the camera is much much more restricted. This gives the game a much more stable appearance. We also added some (very preliminary) particles to the character that emit every time he double-jumps.

You can see both of those easily in the following gifs.

There are many more cursor options available. If you'd like to see some or have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments!