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Monday, January 12, 2015

Grass grows flowers

A very long time ago, Sprout's Tale was 2D. Some of you may remember, but if you don't, take a look:

During those times, Sprout had quite a few differences, but it was still more or less the same game. One of the key things I liked about the grass back then was that it would flower after all the grass had appeared. The flowers themselves were just beautiful looking, so I'm happy to say we've been able to add them back into the 3D version:

In the original, very very original design of the game, grass would sprout up everywhere the player walked. As we developed though, we realized that it would cause some computers to chug (especially in the 3D version) and that grass might be better used as an indicator for where a tree can be planted. In the future, depending on funds and time and willpower, we may work back towards a more free to roam version of the game in which trees and vines can be planted anywhere and grass grows everywhere, but for now it allows us to avoid clipping problems with the trees and countless other unforeseen issues. 

We're a small team, so we've got to be realistic. 

It's possible we can still make large areas with grass growing, but those areas would have to be isolated and likely seedless. 

Maybe what we could do is ass grass areas commonly and use flowers to denote areas where plants can be grown by the player....

Now I need to jump on Unity and test.

As always, thanks for reading. Have a good one, everybody!