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Saturday, March 23, 2013

What Progress Looks Like

This week a lot of you got a glimpse of just what kind of problems are constantly coming up as we work to develop Sprout the Game. I think the two videos, which I, in retrospect, probably released too close together, did a good job of explaining the problems. Not to mention giving you a good glimpse of the new music.

The first video  was useful in showing you one of the problems we were having with our new tree feature. It grew too fast and it didn't sit properly in front of other assets. You can especially see the way the roots seem to float above the tower door, despite being on the same plain.

The second video shows what we did to try and fix this. First, we cut down on the amount of extra dirt we have around the roots. This did two positive things, the seed planted no longer weirdly takes up a massive amount of room, and, as the tree grows, dirt seems to slide around beneath the tree like sand. An accidental advantage. However, the tree roots still stick out over the cliff and the seed itself now seems to sit atop a weird glitch pyramid of dirt.

We have a few solutions in mind for these problems, but the fixes are tedious and not something we should be focusing on now. With any luck, we'll be showing you vine growth and climbing (not animated yet) by Monday.

Stay tuned. Share. Comment. Tweet. Email. Snail Mail. I don't care. I want to hear from you as much as possible.

 You are all so awesome.