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Friday, April 12, 2013

Sprout the Game's Failed Night of Swag

As a friend cheers from the sidelines, I heroically
set to ironing.
For those that have been following along, you'll already know what kind of a mess it's been trying to find the right "swag." Starting with 3d puzzles, to planters, to little saplings to just about everything else. Everything ended up either being too expensive, too impossible, or too stupid.

So, Matt, our resident genius, had an idea. Little bags, logos, seeds. And a string to tie it together.

Well, it hasn't gone quite that way, but almost! They sell little string and cloth bags at most fabric stores, so I picked some up and bought some iron on printable patches for the logo. Last night, I got ready to put the idea to the test:

Borrowing an iron from a friend (who insisted I wear gloves, she apparently doesn't trust my ability to not burn myself with an iron) I got to work.

It was only a test. I'd invested as little money into trying this out as I could, and thankfully so. Things were beginning to heat up. My wife had been holding her semi-weekly girls dinner and red wine event before I started working, so in front of a house full of women, my ineptitude with an iron won mocking laughs. I managed to ruin two logo pieces before my friend forcibly removed me from the helm and finished one up properly.

Hers, on the left, attached itself to the canvas bag (about three inches wide) quite steadily, but it still ended up looking like a sticker.

Meanwhile, on my better of two attempts (the right) I had managed to melt the logo into the sticker itself. Hard to see from the picture, but brilliant shades of earth tones had melted and bled and warped into spirals around the lip of the paper. Had it not been so terribly embarrassing, it might have been pretty.

But it wasn't. In fact, neither of them really were.

So this morning at 5 am I found myself extremely awake and got right to work on ordering a custom stamp with a simple black and white version of the Sprout logo + website. Cheaper, easier, and, in my opinion, it's going to look a lot better.

So what's the plan? Fill these with sunflower seeds and hand them out. Cheap enough to give away for free, and hopefully valuable enough to hold on to. Can anyone say coin purse?