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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sprout's Tale Major Crunch Time

Oh boy. Three days to go til T-MODE and we're not quite ready yet. The level itself is halfway finished, but we still need a climbing animation and an enemy movement animation. Things are seriously heating up.

Yesterday was spent driving around to all the Arts and Crafts stores in my area asking for 3 inch canvas pouches. Regardless of the employee or the store, all of them were fully incapable of understanding my request. One exchange went like this:

ME: Do you sell 3" canvas or cotton draw-string bags?
EMP: Like a tote bag?
ME: No, much smaller. Three inches wide.
EMP: Like to carry things?
ME: Yes. But very small.
EMP: You wanted a bag right?
ME: Yes.

All of them brought me over to the children's section where I was greeted with a rainbow selection of colorful child-size tote bags. "No," I would say, "not like this. Do you have anything smaller?" The answer in each store was no.

Of course, I knew it was a wrong answer since a friend had already told me they had them. So I just kept walking around until they presented themselves to me. Which they inevitably did. After I found them at the first store it was already too late to drive the 45 minutes to the next one to get them, so I started making phone calls to essentially "reserve" these tiny things.

So that's my evening. Pouch-shopping. Not to mention another late night perched in front of my glow-screen arranging assets into a level.

Meanwhile, Matt and Murilo have been slaving away at their own tasks. A new build going up today will give us collision polys on the tree tops and should make the game playable to non-English speaking computers. Hooray!

Murilo's been working away at an enemy animation. I had him lower the head in an effort to make it appear more menacing. Here they are side by side:

Looks weird without the headbob. Another
miscalculation by yours truly.
Before noticing the player, this is how
 the creature will walk.

For those keeping score at home, this enemy is supposed to be a kind of embodiment of guilt. I won't be explaining all the game's symbolism, but consider this a head-start.

T-MODE is just three freakin days away. Send us your good vibes!

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