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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Swag Prep and More

Remember last week's fiasco? I learned a valuable lesson from that. I hate ironing. Here's to a life of wrinkled shirts.

An army of pouches!
Turns out, though, I love stamping things!

 So the custom Stamp arrived at the door on late Tuesday afternoon and I immediately got to work stamping away at ~150 of these little drawstring pouches. It's weirdly fun. And surprisingly messy. Within minutes my fingertips were covered in ink (a few of you will be getting pretty smudged bags, sorry.) Several minutes later, so was my face and shirt and probably my hair because I'm a child and can't not touch everything all the time.

Authentic knee action. So punk-rock.
Next came the process of filling the bags up with sunflower seeds. See that massive bucket in the background? It's FILLED with sunflower seeds. So with a pair of scissors and a glass of whiskey, I set to work. Four pouches for one bag of sunflower seeds. Some people got skimped, some people hit the jackpot, baby. Such is life, I'm afraid.

A few hours of this for the past two nights has gotten me up to over 150 bags filled. Not bad! I have seventy left, which should be more than enough. Any extras will be mailed out to people who ask for them and who don't live in places that will be too expensive to deliver to. So, Martians are out of the running. With this sentence, I am trying to fill some extra space so my formatting doesn't look so weird here. I hope you guys enjoyed reading that sentence and this one following it that expresses the hope that you enjoyed it.

Finally, at the end of the night I collected by scattered display of finished bags and piled them together to make them look more orderly.

100+ here
If you want of these bags mailed to you, please let me know. Prerequisite is that you have to be following me on Twitter. 

As for the game? All but finished the demo level. Bad guys going in today. Fixing some jump mechanics. 

I need to get a medium sized TV somewhere to bring to this show. Getting super-mega nervous. 

Wish me luck!