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Friday, April 11, 2014

Sick week, great stuff.

I am damn exhausted. I've spent the last two weeks being sick as a dog. Some kind of flu. Finally starting to clear up but man has been hard to keep my eyes on a screen. What's worse, even miracle programmer programmer, despite being some thousands of miles away, managed to get sick too!

They say people always get sick when the weather changes. Each year I am more and more inclined to believe them.

That being said, this post is gonna be pretty short, and, to be frank, I'm pretty much only doing it out of necessity. I've read a bunch of times that leaving a blog more than a week without a post is a kiss of death for it showing up on search engines. Unfortunately that sometimes happens here, but that's just life. We're a busy trio, managing jobs, families, and Sprout's Tale. It's tough going.

We've started testing and are moving into our second, slightly slightly slightly less exclusive round this week. Even though we already know of several problems that need to be fixed, it's safe to say there are still several more. For example, magic vines grow on nothing! Oopsy!

The moving platforms can still get a bit wonky, too. 

Maybe if we add a little squish sound effect, we can just pretend he's in the mud?

Lastly, there's a problem with the tree colliders. We can't use a mesh collider and specific shape colliders don't really match the shape of the tree so I'm kind of at a loss about what to do. I've been secretly scratching my head over it for a long time. If any of you Unity folk  have any ideas about how to fix what you see below, please chime in!

Some more interesting news: Some of you may remember this picture: 

This was one of Sprout Tale's original concept pictures (done, like everything else, by the ruggedly handsome Murilo Kleine). Well, Murilo's been working recently to make at least a part of that come back into the picture:

Once textured, I think this will help add in some sense of mystery about what the heck a boat is doing broken down at the top of a mountain!

Murilo's also been toying around with lighting in the scene to make sure we get exactly what we are looking for. You can also see lots of little items around the houses to help feed our player's eyes.

Unfortunately, the demo we are currently testing will not be using this beautiful stuff, but the demo we're going to use to actually promote the game most definitely WILL!

Oh, I guess I said this was going to be short. I'm a big fat liar. Sorry!

Stay tuned.