Thursday, September 17, 2015


Had a tough semester. Nearly failed. Woulda wasted $4,000. Couldnta failed. Had to put Sprout's Tale on the back burner.

About a month and a half ago I fractured my lower back and the xray revealed some complicated spinal shit that totally sucks. So that also happened. 

It was a rough coupla months. Couldn't get much work done because it hurts to sit down for too long. 

Semester ended yesterday. Got my first couple hours in Unity in a long time logged today. Will keep working. Time has given me some good perspective. The characters moves too fast, the jumps are too big, the obstacles too simple. Smaller jumps, slightly slower run, more frequent enemies. Those changes began tonight. I will need to adjust across a number of levels. 

A smaller, more condensed level requires less assets, requiring less work from the computer. A wing all around. The old snow level was making my computer chug.

It isn't a big change. Many people may not even notice. Also making some minor to major visual changes to better match the tone of the game:

"set pieces." I also need to change the skybox

Here's a picture of our logo because who the hell actually reads these things. If you're here it's 'cause you wanna suck up Murilo Klein's beautiful handiwork. 

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