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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some Changes

The past few weeks have been both interesting and stressful, like most weeks. But something different has been happening for the last fortnight.

Specifically, changes.

I realized I was becoming too obsessed with the idea of just making a game and I forgot how important it is to make sure I am making a good game. 

The new system means the player will have to hold down or tap a button
 to grow plants and other  trees.
I've had to reexamine the game completely, especially thinking about how to make it fun. It's a little more difficult. The punish aspect of Limbo was great, but ours doesn't really have that. The speed of Super Meatboy was automatically thrilling, but our guy can't run very fast.

So, yeah, Sprout's a good idea for a beautiful game, but it doesn't naturally allow for a fun game. So I had to rethink some of the features. Now plants won't grow automatically, the player has to goad them out. A dash feature is in the works. A couple of other new features. The player will also be able to upgrade these features by collecting hidden items, though it won't technically be necessary.

The whole nature of change is unsettling, but I'm confident this is for the best.