Friday, October 2, 2015

Well shit.

Was a really unproductive day yesterday. Spent the entire day trying to code in a system for platforms that would, after the player jumps on them, activate a shader to change texture and then, after some time, melt the object or remove it as if it was being melted by lava.  Unfortunately, even when I (finally) got it working, it caused major performance issues. Gonna just get rid of it. So a whole day's work disappears.

Bright side, was stuck on the train with a dead phone for four hours yesterday got some good thinking done. Some new design ideas, some level fillers, some way to take advantage of existing systems. Won't be able to add new bad guys, which is a major drag, but... Such is life, I guess.

Let's finish this muhfug.

Today working on Level 5. A little behind schedule but I'm okay with it. Takes place on a big lake.

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